PC – Resident Evil 4Remake – 100% Completed

Download 100% save game file for resident evil 4 Remake Now!

Before downloading this save file for the resident evil 4 remake keep these things in mind

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  • This file is for ps4 and ps5 platinum
  • Author : wandersonlara2018
  • with this Save mod, you will win Trophies but difficult game instantly, just load the first save or transfer to PS5
  • This SAVE MOD is all unlock, Special Weapons, clothes and Cat’s Ears.
  • Max CP (999,999,999)
    Max Pesetas (999,999,999)
    Max Health
    Infinite Ammo In Barrel
    No Reload
    Max Treasures
    Max Gun Stats
    Max Heals In Storage
    Max Tickets
    And Much More!

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