PC – Hitman 3 Save File Download

Download 100% Completed hitman 3 Save File for – PC – Hitman 3 – 2021

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the savegame file.
  2. Extract the contents from the .7z archive.
  3. Locate the savegame folder on your computer. Example savegame folder location: C:\Users%UserName%\AppData\Roaming\IO Interactive\Epic\User ID Number
  4. Copy the extracted save file to the appropriate savegame location.
  5. Open the Hitman 3 folder and find the file named “Epic_emu.ini”.
  6. Open the “Epic_emu.ini” file with a text editor.
  7. Locate the “UserName” entry and change it to “RedHitman6”.
  8. Find the “AccountId” entry and change it to “bbd8868ce5a6464981bf401f3b021a6c”.
  9. Remove the “#” symbol in front of the “AccountId” entry to uncomment it.
  10. Before making any changes, it is recommended to create a backup of your existing savegame files.
  11. Save the modifications made to the “Epic_emu.ini” file.
  12. Launch Hitman 3 and enjoy the game with all content unlocked!

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Please note that the savegame file provided is already at 100% completion, with everything unlocked. The authors of the savegame file are unknown.

Feel free to customize and improve this article according to your needs.

If you require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask.

You can download 100% Completed Savegame File for – PC – Hitman 3 here


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