How To find and edit your settings.xml file for gta 5

How to find and edit your settings.xml file

ok bros welcome to my blog post in this post I am going to ho you how can you find and edit your setting.xml file for gta 5

Well, there are several simple steps to find and edit your XML file for GTA 5, I am also going to provide you with the screen shots. take some time to read it, 

if you haven’t downloaded the file yet then click here to download the file 

Step 1:

Find your XML file,

write settings.xml in the search of windows and press enter as shown in the screenshot, edit it with Notepad++ 

after opening it with the notepad++. follow my instructions.

step 2:

click save and VOLA! your work is done 


Note: if you still have any problem, comment down below.

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