Is PI Network a scam?

The Pi Network is a project which aims to produce a usable digital global currency called Pi and a platform in which to use this currency. Applications on this platform will mainly be created by 3rd party developers

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But there is uncertainty about this pi network in the market that whether will it work or not. whether it would provide money to its users. literally, it poses a lot of questions for its users as well as for its authorities. the original pi network is known for its mobile mining but they have all called themselves the miners of computers as well. the pi official said it clearly that at the end of this year, they will launch the pi magnet.

What is the worth of the pi?

Most Pi has no worth I mean Some Pi unofficially(as far as we probably are aware) has fixed worth through private networks like The Pi Lifestyle and Pi Network Market. Any site asserting a market worth of Pi is mixed up or faking it.

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Pi is a scam?

But what the people believe is that the pi network is worth a dollar, which is not tur according to pi officials, pi network is a major scam which is running globally over 300 m people have downloaded the app on their mobile phones, and the owner of the pi mobile app ha also run ads into the pi network app to earn money, I don’t why it is happening, but this app is crossing millions of other apps. we don’t know what will happen to the pi after the pi magnet is launched. the pi network is installed by millions of people but that does not make it legit. I mean it’s a scam of millions of people.


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