InfoRealNow| Todd Howard reveals how you should solve Starfield’s ending

Bethesda games aren’t always known for their satisfying endings, but director Todd Howard thinks Starfield‘s could be controversial.

Seeing as for the majority of us, Starfield only just came out today, thinking about the game’s ending is something we don’t want to do just yet. That’s a whole bunch of hours of gameplay away, who cares what it’s like just yet! Of course, that doesn’t mean Howard hasn’t been thinking about it, and in an interview with NPR, the game director and Bethesda executive producer touched on his feelings about the end of the game.

Asked about whether he thinks the space exploration RPG is too sprawling or ambitious for players to manage, Howard said, “I wouldn’t say I worry about it. I do think the ending of the game might be a little controversial. We ask a lot of questions. We don’t provide a lot of answers. Because I think we want a lot of those answers to be in you.”

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