InfoRealNow| Starfield’s Vasco can’t say my name, but it can swear at me

Like Fallout 4 before it, Starfield‘s robotic companion can call you all sorts of names, and yes, even some rude ones.

While it wasn’t one of the biggest selling points of Fallout 4, one of the fun things about the game was that Codsworth could actually say your name aloud. Well, that is if you chose one of the pre-ordained list of names the game had at its disposal, as obviously the voice actor will have had to record it for it to be possible. There were quite a few names included in the list, but obviously the only ones people cared about were the swear words, because they’re funny. Who needs accuracy when you’ve got goofs? Starfield has brought back that fun little feature with its own robot, Vasco, who has its own list of names to choose from.

In fact, Reddit user andy24olivera seems to have datamined the game to find the entire list of names that Vasco can speak, but there are too many for me to count so if you want an exact number you’ll have to do that yourself. It’s a lot, though, and while there are plenty of actual names on there like Donald, Lance, and Michael, it also has a few silly ones like Boob, Cock, and maybe my favourite, Orgamso. You can mix and match names too, as it lets you call yourself Captain, and as one commenter noted, that means you can name yourself Captain Humongous Dong, which definitely isn’t childish at all.

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