InfoRealNow| Starfield’s mediocre menus get a mod makeover

The menus in Starfield aren’t exactly Bethesda’s best, but there’s already a mod that’s improved them.

It’s quite likely you’ll be spending a lot of time in Starfield’s menus, what with all the loot you’ll have to sort through and choosing which planets you want to fly to. Only problem is, Bethesda hasn’t made it the smoothest of experiences. Enter modder m8r98a4f2, a modder who has previously made some very popular menu and UI mods for another Bethesda title, Fallout 4. M8r98a4f2 has put their skills to use once more, this time with the StarUI Inventory mod.

“StarUI Inventory improves all inventory screens for use on a PC,” reads the description for the mod. There’s a long list of features provided too, noting things like the more compact display, and more details on things like mass, value, damage, ammo type, all of which can be sorted into sortable columns. The mod also adds in category icons before the item name, allowing you to easily and quickly see what it is. You can also mass-transfer any single category from one container to another, as well as to a ship, or when you’re buying or selling something. You’ll also find a nice accessibility feature in the form of being able to change the font’s typeface and size.

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