InfoRealNow| Pokemon Sleep isn’t sleeping on the job, as it hits 10 million downloads

Pokemon Sleep seems to be doing pretty alright for itself, as it’s simply hit 10 million downloads

To. be honest, you could most likely slap the word Pokemon on simply about something and it will do good. So why would an app all about getting Pokemon to help you to sleep be any different? The Pokemon Company is additionally offering an in-game commemorative gift to celebrate the achievement, which you can already download now. You have quite a while to get the gift, as it will be obtainable right up to September 22. The gift contains one thousand sleep points, a Good Camp ticket, five Poke Biscuits, and three Ingredient Tickets of an S rank. As noted in a press release, the Good Camp ticket will help “aid your research and help you increase Snorlax, a core part of the gameplay”

On. prime of the gift, there’s an in-game Good Sleep Day event on the manner soon. Starting August 30, and ending September 1, “Drowsy Power will be multiplied by 15. in the course of the event, apart from on the day of the full moon (Thursday, August 31), when Drowsy Power will be multiplied by two”. You could be able to bring in extra Pokemon or see rarer sleep types as the Drowsy Power gets stronger. Good Sleep Day events are additionally planned to be a steady occurrence, once a month in fact, constantly for three days: “on the day of the full moon and the days earlier than and after it”

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