InfoRealNow| Need a new multiplayer FPS? Payday 3 on Xbox Game Pass is already doing everything right

There’s something quite poetic about Payday 3. The story of the game follows veteran heisters getting the gang back together for one last job – a retirement plan they really didn’t see coming. But, in the eyes of Almir Listo, global brand director and head of community at Starbreeze Entertainment, that narrative also works as a clean and tidy analogy for the studio. And the players, as well, actually.

“The story of the Payday gang follows the story of our audience,” says Listo, in an interview with VG247 at Gamescom. “And even us, who are making the game. Think about it, right? The Payday gang has been away for five years, most of them are unaccounted for. For whatever reason, they’re being drawn back into a life of crime. Though we still have a lot of concurrent players, a lot of Payday players have also left their lives behind – Payday 3 will be the first time in many years that they’ll go back to a life of crime.”

Payday is famous for its community. Even now, some ten years after the last game in the series was released, we’re seeing a lot of players flock to Payday 2 (and those numbers have only gone back up since the Payday 3 marketing campaign began in earnest). Given that it’s a PvE title – where players must cooperate to infiltrate secure locations, steal valuable items, and extract them without too much hassle – having a good team to play with is vital. It’s fortunate that the player base is so welcoming, then. Which they will have to be, even to the inevitable Xbox Game Pass scrubs.

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