InfoRealNow| Impatient Xbox Game Pass members turned Starfield’s Premium Edition upgrade into a best-seller

Starfield officially arrives on September 6, which is also when it unlocks for Xbox Game Pass, and PC Game Pass members. Thousands (millions?) of players didn’t want to wait until then, so they opted for the $100 Premium Edition, which unlocked on September 1 – up to five days early.

So many did this, in fact, that Starfield has already broken past 245,000 concurrent players on Steam in its first few days of early access. But, what if you’re both a Game Pass member, and want to play early? The answer: The Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade.

The Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade basically turns your Standard Edition into Premium – unlocking the game early, and giving you all the other goodies that come with it. It’s normally $35, but Game Pass members get it for the slightly cheaper $31.49. Game Pass members, of course, have access to the base version, which makes the offer just too good to pass up, especially if it means playing Bethesda’s next big game a few days early without paying the full $100.

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