InfoRealNow| Dying Light 2 tanks its reputation after months of rebuilding it

Dying Light 2 has been steadily getting updates that not only improved almost every aspect of it, they’ve also closely aligned it with the more brutal vision of the original game. The sequel’s nighttime is now much darker and more treacherous, its melee combat has been upgraded to be more visceral, and the weapon effects are much gorier compared to launch.

The sentiment around Dying Light 2 has been growing more and more positive amongst the community, on Steam and elsewhere, but that’s changed after the game’s most recent update. The Summer Time update, which came out less than a week ago, was likewise poised to continue that trend.

The Summer Time update added new weapon animations, the ability to skip the prologue, support (including on Steam Deck), various improvements and bug fixes, and even kicked off the Payday 2 cross-over in-game event. So far, so good. Except, that was also the update that introduced microtransactions to the game.

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