InfoRealNow| Animal Crossing: New Horizons pair of Nook Inc. branded Switch Lites announced for Nintendo’s holiday lineup

Things have been very, very quiet on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons front since the game’s hefty Version 2.0 update landed in November 2021, leaving many fans lamenting the fact that one of the biggest and best games of 2020 received barely 18 months’ active support from Nintendo. Despite rarely dropping off of the eShop’s bestseller list from month to month, and having its lifespan further extended by a steady drip-feed of tie-in merchandise, it seemed like Nintendo weren’t too keen to talk directly about AC:NH any more.

But then earlier this week, Nintendo announced a pair of new Animal Crossing themed special edition Switch Lite bundles for their Christmas 2023 lineup.

If you’re across the pond you can pick up the turquoise Timmy & Tommy’s Aloha Edition from Walmart or the coral Isabelle’s Aloha Edition from Target, which go on sale from October 6th. They’ll land in the UK slightly later, on October 20th, with no mention of store exclusivity just yet. Both bundles include an exclusive variant Switch Lite with Nook Inc. logo detailing on the back plate and right JoyCon, plus a digital copy of the game.

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