One The Last of Us 2 Item Lets Abby Vent in a Hilarious Way

A humorous clip from The Last of Us Part 2 has surfaced on social media, showcasing Abby’s comical way of venting her frustrations.

This amusing moment adds to the growing collection of lighthearted scenes that have captured the attention of fans. Recently, another fan shared a hilarious video highlighting the undeniable plot armour of Ellie,

further fueling the buzz surrounding the game. Despite the bleakness of The Last of Us series, Naughty Dog has managed to sprinkle humour throughout its impactful narrative. While scripted dialogue contributes to these lighter moments, the game’s interactivity also plays a vital role.

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The Walrus Snow Globe Easter Egg

One prime example of the game’s interactive humour can be found in The Last of Us Part 2—a walrus snow globe Easter egg. During a chapter focused on Abby, players have the opportunity to stumble upon this quirky item. Upon interacting with the snow globe, Abby picks it up.

This is probably so stupid but I was high af last night laughing so hard at how aggressively you can make Abby shake the globe
by in thelastofus

The true hilarity begins when players shake the controller, causing Abby to mimic their movements by vigorously shaking the snow globe herself. This animation quickly escalates, resulting in a comical scene as Abby vents her frustrations on the innocent-looking walrus snow globe.

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The recently shared gameplay clip on Reddit showcases the intensity of the jiggling animation, leaving viewers amused by Abby’s hilarious antics. However, it appears that many fans missed this amusing interaction during their playthroughs.

To experience this memorable moment firsthand, players can revisit the Return to the Aquarium chapter, played from Abby’s perspective.

Upon reaching the bottom of an octopus-shaped stairwell and navigating through debris, players will find themselves in a crumbling room with a giant toy chest. Positioned on the far left of this area, on a bench, sits the walrus snow globe, patiently waiting to be discovered.

The Last of Us Multiplayer Game

While details about Naughty Dog’s upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer game remain scarce, fans eagerly anticipate the continuation of humor in this new installment.

The franchise has consistently contrasted its bleak world with occasional moments of levity, and it’s hoped that this tradition will persist. As players immerse themselves in the emotional journey of The Last of Us Part 2,


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